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♥ Wednesday, September 22, 2010 ♥

dun fucking assume me wit anything rubbish ok ! only you can do to others and not others do to you ! wth ! fucking loser ! if you dun like den dun do to others , or esle other will eventually do back to you de !

i dun wan to talk about things b4 i go out cos it will only spoile my mood !

today went to bdm to play lantern wit regina , ahsen , ahmei , annabelle , yansheng and xinghua
but b4 tat i saw sweets and mel they all ! feel so happy but dunknow why i react like tat ! wanna go talk to her , but dunknow wat to say ! scare she ignore me and i ps all this hais ! i know im in fault and all sort ii did message her just now but she didnt reply
wat to do i know im in fault too ! if i have to choose again wat would it be ? im wondering !!
life isnt easy at all but im sure i caN overcome all this !

sweets , lets back to how we use to be can ? lets talk things out and no matter you believe in me or weather you wan to forgive me i just wan to make things clear !
i did not betray you or anything !
i promise , if you ever need a listening ear i will just listen to you and wont give any comment liao !
went home after talking to dasao ! tats all ! sleeping now tml working !


♥ never regret loving you baby ♥

♥ Thursday, September 2, 2010 ♥

why things have to become like this ?

sweets : 我們怎麼了

wat wrong wit us ? i thout we can always talk things out no matter wat ? can you please let me know ? i just wan to know , lets talk thing out ..even in the end you still dun wan to forgive me i also accept.. can ? i will contact you again ok ! i somehow know..part of this thing i also got fault ! im sincerely sorry !

and as for you : wat the fuck have you done ? i dun understand.. can you like love yourself more den anybody ? why you wan to be like so stupid..? now you think back , does it worth it ? NO IT NOT !!! hais i will try to contact you ok please get back to me ehh ! dun hide from us..it not embarrass or wat do dun hide it infront of us ok. i understand de. i know you may dun like me at all ! but im ok wit it !

and as for you : come on , dun freaking put words into my mouth . i dun wan any misunderstanding from anybody or wat , when you anyhow put words into my mouth.. thank ehh i appreciated ! dun be a 小人 can ? just be a 光明人 can ? WTF !!! just do your part and dun gossips others.. especially me !!! fuck you bitch ! _l_

and you : you fucking liars , you are the one causing so much trouble to us ! fuck you.. dun promise when you cant promise anything.. i am the stupid wan to keep helping you to keep all those thing ! and yet now wat happen ?
and please , tell me the truth when i ask you ok ! i dun wan lies..i had enough ! and no matter he/she forgives me or not i also hope you will tell me the truth and also i will never help you keep anything anymore !
today i saw you at bb ball court play ball wit 1 ger but i dunknow who is it . watever it is dun ask me to help you keep anymore !

i think tats all le ba !! sadded !
明天更好 !! (:


♥ never regret loving you baby ♥

♥ Saturday, August 28, 2010 ♥

♥ back for just one day

seriously can anybody teach me how to change this fucking blog skin ? or song ? ):
my blog is in the mess man . wth la ..hahaha..

seriously im tired of everything , i swear to tear your fucking fake mask away . so good luck my friends !! (:
and im not going to bother anything anymore ! seriously im hurt by the way you treat me ! i dunknow how to explain . i've done my part and you ?
i say so many time , any thing unhappy can just come and confront me dun hide please.. i treat you real and you guys treat me fake. how ? im confuse ! it fading away. tsktsk.
ask me straight in my face instead of hiding can ?

wat are friends for ? to be there when you need me , to lent you my ears when you need it or to lent you my hand when you need it ? hais.. life is a bitch !
there always a reasons behind everything we do ! as long as we know how to admit it and mend our mistake . one day they will see changes in you and forgive you ! all you need to do is just admit it and face the facts ! this is reality . 'xian shi '

everybody do change but friend towards friend wont change even if you try to forget it still come back to square 1 it the same de once you know each others and it meant to befriend all the way .

and to my sweets : you know who you are . sweets if there anything or any misunderstanding in between us please come and we talk thing out alright ! i just dun wanna lose you this friend. sweets if it my fault IM SORRY . sweets im sincerely . ♥

and to you bitch : wanna delete me away from your friend list ? by all mean. you are welcome to do tat you and his thing isnt my problem . dun just assume thing tat are not true and fucking push all the blame to others ok ! fuck you bitch ! _l_ (:

FRIENDS , i APPRECIATED for wat you have done to me ! good things or bad thigs , i've learnt ! and will always remember the fun we create together and forget the bad . share the sorrow and pain together and every single things . thank you my friends . i love you ! ♥

no hiding , no despise , no lying , no secrets , no suspects , no assume , no nothing .
we must talk things out and be more blunt
if friend to friend must have secrets , lie , hiding , despise , assume or suspects , den i dun see theres any reason to befriend with . be more true to yourself and to your friends .. eventually they will treat you back the same ! wan others to respect you 1st you must respect yourself !!

last but not least , i love my friends and im serious . ♥

hmms i gtg ler.. tats all i wanted to say ba . i doubt so. hahaha
good night ! ♥ (:

hope you saw my post !! ♥


♥ never regret loving you baby ♥

♥ Thursday, May 13, 2010 ♥

♥♥♥very happy♥♥♥

ytd night i meet baby after his work at balestier road for movie!! IP MAN!! after tat walk home wit baby! i know he is very tired..i can see tat..but he manage to bring me to movie..appreciated.. (:
on the way home we chat alot..he even tell me he is very tired but he just wanna make time to go out wit me to watch IP MAN!! and i also know he is going to have 2 weeks OT without off.. ):
i know this coming mayb 2 -3 weeks he wont be free to accompany me or anything..but it ok..i will still go over his house as usual to accompany him after he finish work till he sleep..but i think i gonna fake working again..hahaas..LOL!!

today really very happy! and also IP MAN is very nice..i dun mind watching few more times!! woot!! ♥♥

give ♥ my biggest support!!! hugs hugs..

had our dinner at kfc! ♥ wow..THUMBSUP!!

really enjoy my day although it short!! THANKS YOU BABY! you make my day!! :DD

after tat to his house around 12 plus and he wan sleep liao i jiu go off liao go whampoa meet ahna and my sis..slack at market till around 2 plus den ahna ask to go lan shop!! ahmei really very sway!! she cant play audi wit any comp she change! end up i give up my comp to her and finally she can play!! but i cant see chinese word!! wth!! LOL!! spend 10 bucks at the lan shop!! plus we do member!! LOL!! hahahahaas..
i might be learning dota and play wit you wor..hahahahaaas.
hmms overall im happy and i enjoy-ed my day 'especially wit baby!!♥♥♥' d;

♥♥♥ dunknow how to express my love for you!! ((:
tats all ba!! ♥♥♥ love you baby alot alot!! ♥♥♥


♥ never regret loving you baby ♥

♥ Thursday, May 6, 2010 ♥


BABY I HEREBY SAYING IM VERY SORRY TO YOU..I KNOW I HAD HURT YOU ALOT..and you also suffer alot from my bad temper BUT YOU ALSO HURT ME ALOT BY SAYING ALL THOSE WORD..and now i already change so much for the sake of you..you also know it yourself.. i dun know if you would get any chance to see this post but im really very sincere..i will change to the ger tat you always wanted! I PROMISE!! I LOVE YOU SO SO MUCH!!!



♥ never regret loving you baby ♥

♥ Thursday, April 15, 2010 ♥

shame or?


hais..i just dun undersatand why..when thing goes right/ goes the way they wan nobody ever complain or even say a thing, but when things goes wrong hais the whole family goes havocs..wat the fuck..since you guys wan to say all those surname den forget it..ming kor dun say till wat dun cry la got performance all this la..you make sure you dun cry can liao!!!

FILIAL is not just by saying but doing..but why i see is not like this? they do liao den they go around saying thing which is not true or???


have always respect you cousins heed you cousins de advise..even though you cousins dun respect my mum..seriously i can just simply ignore you BUT NO IM NOT GOING TO DO THIS TYPE OF THINGS TO THOSE COUSINS TAT I HAVE ALWAYS RESPECTED!!!
but today i see wat you guys post make me very disappointed really..even till now im still ok still not angry not piss am chill but are you cousins the same? hais..why wan post out and let others take as laughing stock? our family very funny? or just wanna seek attention from others! 1 person post i got nothing to say now everybody is posting even francis also post..frankly speaking everybody here dun have the right to post anything except for the da ren men! but why those wan bei wanna do this?? free show for others? or wat? OH MY GOD!!! am really speechless dun know wat to say..whether they are suppose to do anything or not also none of my business liao..keep saying just wait and see and we shall see.. wat does all this mean?? hope i got the wrong info from you cousins!! i dun wan and dun like to assume!!! SO PEASE DUN DO TAT ALSO!!


do in willingness and not by showing others! and please stop saying those surnames out machaim wat wan draw line? always have been respecting to every cousins but this is wat i get back ehh!!! good i like it!!

if you guys dun wanna respect my mum den simply dun..'wan fei' she took good care of you all when you guys are still small still young!! dun you think you guy break my mum heart by saying and doing all this?? hais think please!! i dun wan you guys to treat her as queen or anything but "jiang xin bi xin" can!!

IF COUSINS MEN SAW THIS POST I POST..THINK..if you guys still wanna angry or EVEN draw a line in between den tats it im wasting my time on this post!! seriously i dun take it to heart i dun even take this as A small issue or anything..I BELIEVE FAMILY CAN TALK THINGS OUT!!




♥ never regret loving you baby ♥

♥ Tuesday, March 16, 2010 ♥


ytd was a fun night!! went to bugis watch movie wit baby..
den after tat waited for ahmei to close shop den we headed to whampoa jalan raja there..H2 at first im boring but very fast im not boring anymore..hahaas..this year wen never drunk so fast GOOD!! but still she drunk..i bet she act drunk la..so nobody can ask her drink.. hahaaas..still can go eat
BAK KUT TEH ma kns..
den HUANGYAOPING wan go fight wit others ma..dumb dumb!!

*shake head*
but luckily nothing lor..everybody stop him..

den we go tpy mac eat..wit xiuwen simei ahmei nelson yaohui kester xiaofeng layhong and i think lynn..after eating we go outside smoke den kenna spotcheck by police LOL!!! den they ask xiaofeng alot question!! LOL!! LAME!

today going out wit her again..but dunknow go where!! hahaas..wait for ting finish work first..

hmms..tats all!! LOL!!

update soon!! ((:


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